Saunders Lounge Operating Procedures


  • Get key lanyard from the “Bar” shelf in the back office.
  • Unlock the liquor closet in the laundry room
  • Open upper cupboard to find the “life preserver + key” to open the safe. Once open, return that key to the hidden hook on the left shelf
  • Pick up 2nd key lanyard hanging on the left wall. These keys are the ones that open the coolers and cupboards upstairs in the bar.
  • Bring those 2 sets of keys up to the bar, along with the cash drawer you got from the safe.
  • If the upstairs alarm is armed, the disarm code is: 2271


Turn the “Power” button on at the start of your shift.  It takes about 30 mins. to reach the desired 180°.  No soap is to be added, as it has an automatic feed feature.  Once ready to wash, push the “Start” button and let it do its magic.  At the end of your shift, turn the power off.  Rusty has raised concerns about this – make sure you turn it off… It’s like leaving your oven on high all night.  An obvious fire hazard!


Ice cubes are in the freezer on the main floor.  Take upstairs what you need for a shift.  Please note, the fridge in the bar area of the upstairs hall has a fridge/freezer — check for or store unused ice there.  If you have taken a bag of ice from downstairs, use a slip of paper to make note of it and put it in with your float at the end of the night.

  • In the summer, unlock the sliding door to the deck (for ventilation).
  • In the winter, turn on the fireplace.
  • The switch for the electric fireplace is on the top right panel plate. Options are ON, Heat, Light, Fan, Timer.
  • Turn on the “OPEN’ sign in the window if desired.
  • Open up the blinds.


  • Put the cash drawer in the register. The key is in the drawer on the register. FYI – There is a duplicate key on one of the key lanyards as well, but it’s quite bent so don’t rely on it.  Turn the key clockwise to turn the register on.
  • Count the money in the drawer and mark the amount (“Cash In”) in the Logbook. The Logbook is kept beside the register. (Laura is appreciating the “Cash In” and “Cash Out” figures so please keep doing this)
    • The Logbook is required by the Liquor Control Commission. BCLC is only interested in any incidents that occurred during your shift. Please indicate in this Logbook if you’ve had to cut someone off or had to call a cab, etc., as well as indicate there were “No incidents” if that was the case.
    • However, it is also a great little bar volunteer communication book to read through, if you have time.
  • Put a mark on the rolling tape in the cash register showing the beginning (and the end) of your shift and the date. This gives Laura a point of reference for each shift because she will not be checking the cash tape daily.
    • If you’ve made a mistake on a total, put a note in the Ziplock cash bag for Laura so she can do the adjustment accordingly.
  • Unlock all cupboards & coolers and turn the lights on the cooler. The light switch is on the right top side of the big cooler.


  • Review the stock and if you’re getting low on something, go down to the liquor closet and restock. This helps the next shift by having stock already cold or having to restock.
  • Collect used glasses and set them in the kitchen for washing at the end of your shift.
  • Offer snacks to patrons. There are individual snack bags stored in the lower cupboard under the sink. Read the crowd when offering (do you have enough for everyone? Have you already offered freebies? Perhaps more should be purchased, etc.).  If you notice we’re running low, mention it in the Log/Communication Book.
  • Restock the glass mugs in the coolers shelf. Patrons seem to love the ‘cold glass’ option.
  • Wash glasses, in prep for the end of the shift
  • Write down mistakes of charges and put in till


Pretty much everything is done in reverse.

  • Turn off the “OPEN” sign in the window.
  • Turn off the fireplace.
  • Close the blinds.
  • Check all sliding doors and be sure they are locked. Also check the hall doors (just to be sure).
  • Turn off the dishwasher & return the clean glasses to the shelves.
  • Bag up garbage for disposal if it is full and put in the shop downstairs. Rusty will look after it in the morning.
  • Wipe the tables, chairs, and countertops.
  • Mark the end point on the register tape and date it.
  • Lock up the cupboards and cooler and turn off the cooler lights.
  • Count the money in the cash drawer, mark it in the Logbook (“Cash Out”).
  • Guestimate how many patrons there were throughout the shift and indicate that in the Logbook.
  • Turn the register key to the “Off” position and return the key to the little drawer
  • Carry the cash drawer, two key lanyards, any garbage bags, and empties downstairs. Lock the cash drawer in the safe and return all keys to where they were at beginning of your shift.

BONUS:  All tips are yours to divide with your fellow bar volunteers.


  • Push the “Away” button and hold for 5 seconds, then release. It will begin the countdown (beeps) for a minute before being armed.
  • If you are unable to activate the security system, a door or window is open
  • FYI – The “Disarm” code is 2271.
  • Rusty has voiced concern here as well… Please ensure you arm the alarm system, don’t leave the upstairs unarmed at night!


(250) 667-1991 Rusty

(250) 713-0066 Joel

(250) 802-5261 Joanne

(250) 585-8380  Nic F.


Don’t ring in tokens – if they ask for premium liquor/wine they pay the difference.

CLEAR – Fix mistakes before total on till.

VOID – for after Total – Laura prefers note

Use boxes for glasses of wine, not a bottle.  They need to buy the whole bottle.

Hours of Operation: Open lounge at 5:30 pm and close at 8:30 pm (use your discretion).